About Us



Don't AsK. 
We are cheeky, edgy, fierce, fresh, ever-loving and ever-changing. 

The design process is a whole lot of work and a whole lot of fun: it begins with a stone, a crystal and some dancing to form an idea of how a design will become a piece that just has to be shared with others.  

Don't AsK is a Montreal-based company with designs that show off the head designer's creativity and Scandinavian roots. Each collection is unique and fiercely different from the last and focuses on fun and funky, affordable jewelry that will never stay cooped up in a box. 

While design central is here in the city of Montreal, we don't have a cutsie little shop. We sell online so we're accessible to all. We do runway and we do everyday: we are sure you will find something here that you love! Our pieces are on trend, well priced and amazingly wearable: nothing is mass produced! 

So when it's gone you're SOLD babe. 

Browse around, enjoy the site and remember: when someone stops you (and they will) tell them, "Don't AsK". 

C'mon! Let's go shopping. 


We love everything!
Chain, glass, hammered metal, Swarovski crystals, pearls, natural stones, wood, feathers, vermeil, nuts and enamel and satin. 
Every season Don't AsK will continue to amaze. 

Our collections are born out of things we love looking at and can't stop thinking about: the sparkle of crystals, the coolness of metal, the sheen of a pearl, the texture of a natural stone. Don't AsK isn't limited to two seasonal looks, we have thousands of designs in our head that are constantly being brought to life! 

Each collection is unique so you never know what's coming next, or when. As a matter of a fact, neither do we. So come by often, see what's new and what's next!