How will I receive my order? 


If your item is in stock, we will process your order 1-2 business days after your payment has been confirmed and ship it out to you within 5 business days via Canada Post.
If there will be any type of delay, we will let you know! 

But what if I can't wait? 

Delivery time depends on your location, but if you don't mind their fees, we're happy to use FedEx to get your new items to you as quickly as possible! 
International orders (including the US) could take up to two weeks to be delivered. Although we don’t provide tracking and delivery confirmation on standard shipping outside of Canada, we will always give you the option to request this service.

*All orders submitted over the weekend will be processed the next business day, which is usually Monday. * 

Isn't this jewelry too pretty to ship? 

Don't worry, we guarantee each piece was in perfect condition and packed up properly before we send it your way!
f it doesn't arrive in the same condition that it left us in, then please contact us, pack it nicely, pay the postage and just send it on back! We will replace it and pay for it's journey back to you. 


How to return an order:

1. All items must be returned unworn and in resalable condition.

2. Please package your item(s) securely so that they find their way back to us intact and as you found them. We recommend that you use the original packaging and include your invoice, a packing slip and any other materials sent to you by Don't AsK. Please contact us if you have any questions. Please note: You should NOT indicate on the package that it contains jewelry, as this invites theft.

3. Shipment and insurance: We ask that you return items in their original packaging and these must be shipped with delivery confirmation. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs. This will help ensure that the package arrives safely for a quick and easy refund.

I'm a very busy girl, can this jewelry keep up with me?

We guarantee our work for 30 days with normal wear and tear. So put it on and head out for dinner, dancing, movies, good (and bad) dates - at least the jewelry will look good no matter what.
Please avoid swimming, parachuting, waterskiing, cave diving, mixed martial arts... you're smart, you get the idea. 

I love my new jewelry! How can I keep it this fabulous forever? 

ALWAYS clean with a mild soap and tissue. Please don't use anything harsh or abrasive. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't put it on your face, don't put it on your pieces. 

ALWAYS give your jewelry a once over before you put it on. If anything looks loose or missing, bring it to a trusted jeweller for repair, or we would be happy to fix it for you for a small fee. You know your mother was right: an ounce of prevention and all that. 

Care: Prevention goes a long way! • Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. We take care of all our jewels and so should you, no matter what you paid or didn't pay for with our awesome prices! 

Cleaning: Do's and Don'ts of taking care of your new pieces.
Don't use: bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, pool cleaner, chlorine, glass cleaner or abrasives (like toothpaste). 
Do use: (and it really is as simple as this) mild soap and tissue. 

How can I trust you with my money? 

We only use PayPal. 
We respect you and want your private information to stay private, too.
We adhere to the Canadian Privacy Standards. 

What's the fine print? 

There's not much: we are pretty much an open book. 
Please do note though, that the exact colours of your new items may vary depending on the calibration of your screen. 

I have buyers remorse... Can I return it? 

We really don't say no very often. But we have to say it here. 
All sales are final. 

How high quality are the materials? 

We take pride in using only the best for you! 

Gemstones and pearls: We take pride in our precious and semi-precious materials. Variations in colour and texture are not imperfections but rather natural characteristics of their own individual beauty. 

Sterling silver-filled: More durable than silver plated and less expensive than sterling silver, "sterling-filled" is made by bonding a thick layer of sterling silver to a core metal. Unlike silver plating, it won't flake and can be easily cleaned. 

Plated metals: Metal plating is the application of a non-precious metallic coating to another material. It is more vulnerable to scratching and general wear and tear. Cleaning solutions may remove plating, so be careful!